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Little Angels Network is committed to facilitating the provision of a quality life to any child in need. It is geared towards bringing together people and community networks with positive, compassionate resolve and sensitivity to strengthen, protect, enlighten and ensure the rights of the child are upheld.

Little Angels Network’s primary target is children aged between one and three years, but works towards a better life for children of all ages by promoting adoption locally and internationally and enhancing the capacities of communities to take care of their own children. It has focussed more on the promotion of adoption and fostering of HIV positive abandoned or neglected children by families locally and internationally.

Little Angels Network is an initiative that was established in 2001 by three professional Christian women out of concern of the plight of the increasing numbers of disadvantaged children in Kenya due to HIV/AIDS, abuse, neglect and abandonment. It was registered as a Society in April 2002 and in January 2005, it was launched as a fully-fledged organisation to address issues and concerns of children, now referred to as Little Angels Network Society (LANS).